Summer is coming to its end: Valencia, Spain


School is starting next week and I'm ready for it. ….! But for right now I'm still enjoying Spain.

My boyfriend gave me this trip for my birthday and I'm enjoying it to the fullest. The weather is great and Valencia is a beautiful city.  When I'm back in Holland I'll write a blog about all the must do's and must-see's in Valencia. For now a short recap of my week so far in Valencia.

Monday evening  we arrived here, we got at the apartment around 22:00 and we we're kind of tired from traveling so we only got out for a drink and got back on time to catch some sleep.
Tuesday we went cycling/sightseeing, we went true a beautiful parc called Jardin del Turia. From there we went to the harbor and we have seen a bit of the beach. As I'm not one of the sporty chicks, I figured that  cycling wasn't for me ;) so we went back after tour short journey. 
Wednesday we went to the famous Mercado Central which is a huge market with lots of different food.



After our visit to the Marcado Central we rented a scooter to go to the  beach. The scooter came with a "great" Tom-Tom navigate-system , but it was set on traveling by car and we ended up driving on the highway! As soon as possible we made a turn but it was kind of scary, haha !  After our adventure on the highway we went to the beach to chill some and off course we swam in the great blue sea.
On our way back to our apartment, the GPS was acting weird again and we had to choose between a bridge only meant for pedestrians or drive 15 min all around the city. Off course we chose the first option and OFF COURSE at the end of the bridge there was a policeman! We barely made it out with no ticket for driving where it was prohibited and me not carrying my drivers license.
The rest of the week we went to beach, ate some paella (DUH!) and went for some shopping !
As I said, I will write some more tips when I get back in Holland.

This it for now!

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  1. Amazing photos and would love to read more about your trip.

  2. Love the marble iphone cover!

    I love Valencia, such a vibrant and lovely city.


  3. Those orange drinks look yummy!

    - Christina

  4. You have a great blog and style my dear!


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  5. Love the photos and your Iphone case is so cute!

    Much Love, M


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