Friday Favorites: my top 5 instagram accounts

top fashion instagram accounts

.Yep, my holiday is officially over. And school started this week. As i was in Valencia until last wednesday I missed the first three days and so only had two days left. This weekend I'll be doing some homework and check out some blogs and  instagram accounts. I like to check out my favorite instagram account and I love to discover new inspiring accounts… Searching for some instagram accounts to follow? 

Here is my top 10 of instragam accounts you must follow :

What I like about her instagram account is that she post about nice, affordable clothes. Her outfits are a mix of H&M, ZARA, Forver21 and Asos. You know how much instagrammers posting their designer Hermes or Chanel Bags, which every "normal" working person is only able to buy If they won't pay their bills and eat the rest of the decay? Chloe Hollywood doesn't want all of that.. as she quoted in here  bio: "FASHION is about the style not the price tag!" 

 top fashion instagram accounts

This is a instagram account from a 21 year old girl from berlin. She doesn't post only about fashion but I like here black and white-style. Her Instagram account gets a little rock/art with the pictures she posts.

top fashion instagram accounts

This is a fashion instagram account from a dutchie just like me ;)! She picks her pics carefully so that it fits her black and white makes grey- description perfectly

The best fashion people to follow on Instagram

Who doesn't know Louise Roe? But for those who don't:  She is - in my opinion - a fashion queen. I love the way she styles everything with a lot of different colors. Even though I'm that Black and white chick, I get really inspired by the way she dresses herself. Further then what i call: a fashion icon. She is an English TV presenter, model and fashion journalist.

about louise roe

5. And last but not least: Yara Michel's Chapter Friday
In her Bio she writes that this instagram account (and her blog) is "your online toolkit to an awesome & successful life." Yara Michel started out with a really small/unknown blog and took the pictures she used on her blog with a not so advanced mobile phone (no smarthphone back then). Now, after years she grew out as one of the most successful fashion bloggers in the world. After years of owning "this chick got style"  she "transformed"  her blog into a platform for inspiration with a focus on (fashion) careers. And a side note: she is from Holland as well ;)!

chapter friday online platform yara michels account

So! This was my list of Friday favorites: my top 5 instagram accounts for Fashion

And off course I got my own account: Don't forget to follow me here on FAYEZLC

top fashion instagram accounts

Don't forget to post YOUR favorite instagram account…... and while we're at it: post your instagram account in a comment bellow ;)! xoxo Faye

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